In May 2018 we already introduced you to the One2Born 2.0 version. Meanwhile, by continuously improving, optimizing and innovating, we have arrived at the 3.0 version. The One2Born 3.0 hatchholder meets the automation of the hatchery perfectly, functions as a distraction material for the chicks very well and eventually will end up dissolving in the house. The first experiences are very positive!

In May 2018 the One2Born 2.0 version was put into use. An optimization has already been made with the 2.0 version by completely switching over to paper pulp so that the boxes can be fully composted in the house. In addition, an improvement has been made to be able to better stack the trays. The convection channels have also been optimized for the 2.0 as well as the 3.0 version.

Over the past year and a half, we have been working really hard to optimize the One2Born 1.0 hatchholder in detail and make it more practical in as many ways as possible. During this process, we mainly focussed on processing feedback from the hatcheries and broiler farmers. For example, the One2Born first came with a box that perfectly met the outcome process and protected the egg and chick, but did not end up dissolving in the house. Now the hatchholders consist of one piece when they arrive at the hatchery and because you can rotate them 180 degrees, they are easy to stack and unload. The box is no longer needed. In addition, the chicks can pulverise all the material – which is 100% sterile due to the heat in which the hatchholders are produced – and use it as a toy. The One2Born 3.0 hatchholder consists of five rows of ten spaces, so that 50 eggs fit and a setter tray can be transferred in just three times. All this makes it very easy to solve an automation issue for the hatchery.

In the One2Born 3.0 each egg hangs freely in its own space so that venturi and convection can be guaranteed. This applies to eggs from 45 to 70 grams; the growth of the egg has been taken into account. Furthermore, the material and design ensure that chicks can move freely, experience no obstacles and can not injure themselves when they hatch. They can not get stuck and can not fall out of the hatchholder during transport. Naturally, ventilation between the trays has been taken into account. The One2Born 3.0 hatchholders are completely open so air can be circulated everywhere and the temperature over the entire trays is constant during transport and during the hatching process.

All in all, the 3.0 version of the One2Born is a great result for us and the first experiences are very positive. Do you already use the One2Born in your processes?