About One2Born

Chicks deserve
a natural start

That’s exactly what One2Born makes possible. A simple solution to a complex problem. Better for the chicks and better for the image of the entire poultry meat sector.

Every day we strive towards creating an efficient, sustainable poultry production chain, in which the welfare of the chicks comes first. That way we can reach a more animal friendly, socially responsible way of producing food for our consumers. Together we continue to work towards stronger, healthier chicks and a sustainable production chain.

The team

Founders Frank de Louw, Huub van Santvoort, Willem van den Boom all work and have experience in the poultry sector. They bundle an extensive working knowledge with a passion and fresh outlook on the sector. Together they developed the innovative hatchholder One2Born.

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Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2015

One2Born has been declared the winner of the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award for 2015, in the category Food & Agri. The jury called One2Born “a groundbreaking innovation, that has the potential to cause a worldwide, chain spanning impact on the poultry meat industry”. According to the jury, this innovation takes a step in the right direction in the area of animal welfare (transport, natural behavior, reduction of antibiotics).

Winning this award has strengthened our conviction that One2Born is of value to the entire production chain. Together we can work towards healther chicks, improved efficiency and a more sustainable sector.

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