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With a sustainable design based on the natural incubation process, One2Born facilitates a better start for chicks.
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Perfect fit for eggs from 45-75 grams

The egg setting and fit is designed to imitate the natural process. A natural air flow is realized for every individual egg through the use of venturi and convection channels in the design of the container. The container is suitable for use for eggs of both young and older hens, as well as for traditional and slow growing breeds. One size fits all. Furthermore the design offers optimal protection during transportation and hatching. The hatching process can run its natural course.

Standard measurements – 53 x 29 x 4,9 cm (stackable)

Our hatchholder is designed to have as little structural impact as possible on the standard process of the hatchery. Therefore the container has been designed to match the standard measurements of the setter trays (10 x 15 rows). This makes it possible to use our container in every existing automation, truck and trolley.

The One2Born trays are dried in temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Celsius of several minutes. This process eliminates every possible bacterium or fungi, etc. This ensures the material of the trays is 100 percent sterile.

Certified, recyclable material

The hatchholder is made entirely from pulp that can be stacked by turning 180 degrees with pre-incubated eggs in it. It’s fully recyclable and compostable. The materials used is ISO certified by an independent organization and complies with the highest packaging industry standards, most notably on aspects of production quality and recyclability.

Optimal biosecurity

Because our hatchholder is recycled after use, no material finds its way back to the hatchery. This leads to a cleaner process, free from additional bacteria. The production process of the container has also been extensively tested on its germ free nature and has been OHSAS certified.

One2Born hatchholder in action

Curious to see how all this looks in the house? Watch this time lapse video of hatching chicks from one of our customers.

The One2Born hatchholder is simple to implement into your current process, but has a big impact on the welfare of your chicks, your efficiency and the sustainability of the entire sector.

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