The innovative hatchholder One2Born

Want to experience One2Born for yourself? Order a trial now.


The innovative hatchholder One2Born

Want to experience One2Born for yourself? Order a trial now.

The chicken eggs are incubated for 18 days in the hatchery.
The 18 day old eggs are placed in the One2Born hatchholder and safely transported.
The eggs are hatched in the house, with early access to feed and water to facilitate a good start.

The innovative

One2Born is an innovative hatchholder that makes it possible to transport 18 day old, fertilized eggs directly to their houses, so the chicks natural birth can take place in the safe environment of the house. Normally the day old chicks themselves are transported, instead of the fertilized eggs. Facilitating a natural birth inside the house helps the chicks get off to a better start, with early access to feed and water. The result: no stress, a noticeable reduction in the use of antibiotics and overall a healthier chick.

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What makes One2Born unique?

The One2Born hatchholder is a small change in your existing process, with a large impact on the welfare of your chicks, your efficiency and the sustainability of the poultry sector. Plus it requires almost no additional investments in any part of the production chain.
Improved hatchability

A more natural hatching process takes place, with no need for disinfectants thanks to the natural birth taking place in the house. This leads to more chicks being born.

Higher efficiency per chick

Healther chicks, partially because of improved intestinal health, lead to better performance numbers in feed conversion, growth per day and a significant reduction in the use of antibiotics.

Reduction of raw materials and fuels

A more efficient process results in reduced energy consumption. The traditional incubation process in the hatchery is also no longer necessary.

No large scale investments required

The One2Born hatchholder is suitable for use in every hatchery. After the inspection machine the eggs can be placed effortlessly in the container and can be transported with the existing fleet of trucks.

A simple and natural product

The hatchholder is made from sustainable, fully recyclable materials. The design contains multiple venturi and convection channels, so a natural air flow is facilitated. This way every fertilized egg can create its own, ideal environment. A perfect example of biomimicry: an emulation of the natural process.

Our ambition

We strive towards effective food production for consumers in a more animal friendly and responsible way. The use our our hatchholder has a positive effect on all links in the poultry food chain. Whether it’s the hatchery, the farmer, the slaughterhouse or the retail organization; One2Born is easy to implement and is beneficial for all parties. The chicks are healthier as a result, and on top of that the cost efficiency improves. All that with a product that is fully recyclable, so it can do its part in adding to a more sustainable planet and an improved image for the poultry sector.

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