The pioneering phase of One2born tray is over and the One2Born team is proud of the progress. The innovative hatch holder can be used in combination with the One2born trolley in any hatchery or broiler house. Our dream was to create a disposable, flexible and easy to handle system, which biodegrades in the poultry houses and is suitable for both hatcheries and broiler farms. This dream has come true. Poultry farmers achieve excellent results without additional investments or resources. Important principles, such as being 100% biosecure, welfare-friendly, while providing optimal hatch results and uniform hatching temperatures, are all integrated in the hatch holder.

During development we also discovered and applied extra ‘tools’. For example, with the hatch holder it is possible to choose to transfer eggs on days 17, 18 and 19. This is extremely nice for organization of tasks in the hatchery. The eggs can also be transferred back to and stored in the cabinet incubator. And if a few chicks hatch in the trays, safe and stress-free transport to the house is still possible. Offering enrichment or play material improves animal welfare. This is directly available in the One2born system, because the tray itself makes ideal distraction material for the broilers after hatching. The chicks play with it, and the design allows them to move freely.

The One2born trolley ensures safe and controlled transport. It is easy to load and unload, offers good control of embryo temperature, and it fits in any trailer. We are proud of our progress with the One2Born tray and trolley and our clientele is growing. This is not surprising, because poultry farmers who switch to using it are happy with the benefits they experience in feed conversion, reduced mortality and antibiotic use, as well as more healthy and robust animals, with higher yield.